JC Parente

With my artwork, I attempt to bring into awareness the existential reality of a higher realm of existence by engaging audiences not only intellectually through logical thinking but also emotionally through intuitive experiencing where thoughts are temporarily overcome by a silent and meditative inward state of being.
Having reached out beyond the limited scope of perception and by mapping that which lies beyond the confines of a solipsistic conditioned mind, I attempt to symbolically represent my experiences through my artwork where I seek to reconnect modern society with nature and regain greater awareness of the planet where mankind can be perceived as an integrated part of it rather than attempting to exploit its natural resources.

My inspirations are mostly drawn from nature, the supernatural and spiritual laws of the universe yet I’m also interested in anthroposophy, psychoanalysis, psychogeography, and soundscape.

My work process normally begins with some inspirational ideas, research of locations and their supernatural connections to the sublime realities and then normally ends with either sculpture, painting or sound recordings, photos, and video mappings.

To be surrounded by natural beauty is to reconnect not only with life itself but also with our true being.

A true artist is surrounded by such beauty that it pays tribute to his real master, Nature Itself.